Web Viewing Systems

One of Re-Spa’s flagship products is their ReVision web viewing system. Depending on your printing needs, Re-Spa say each model in the range is: “Designed by our technicians thanks to a special digital image sensor CMOS with a resolution of 3.2 m-pixels, xenon lamps and motorized zoom, which ensures fidelity colours and print quality.”

For instance, the “Real-Time” features of each web viewing system will increase productivity and reduce wastage. Each model in the ReVision range covers the many requirements and budgets of your print operation.

Simply scroll below and click the Caravaggio CV350, the Giotto, the Leonardo, the Michelangelo, or the Raffaello, each of which will show you the different features of the web viewing systems supplied by Marshward.

If you want to discuss any of the Re-Spa web viewing systems below, please call Marshward on (01926) 815480 or email us here: [email protected]


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