Web Guiding Systems

Marshward supply a range of gear, disc, and jaw couplings from the following world’s leading


Web Guiding Systems

Marshward supply a range of high-quality webguide systems from Re-Spa, who are one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of web processing and offset printing equipment based in Italy.

The Web Guide systems from Re Spa are designed to offer high precision solutions with low maintenance costs, easy installation, and user-friendly controls to change the graduation of measurements.

You can view the WG systems from Re-Spa by scrolling below where you can view the different technical features of the following webguide systems:

Actuators – The AT series of linear actuators for highly compact machines to guide the material into position and ensure the material is wound round the reel in a straight line.

WG Series - The offset Pivot web guiding systems is the ideal solution for most systems and is designed with a basic framework on which a second mobile framework is mounted with rollers.

The SKUBA Web Guiding System - Re-Spa say this is: "The best solution for the bottling machines." The WG.251-SKB is also suitable for dusty and liquid-production environments.

Position Sensors - The SU ultrasonic sensor reads the edge of a material such as paper, cardboard or film. The SIR infrared sensor is for reading the edge of fabrics, phono-absorbent, or close-weave materials.

TL.01 Microprocessor Sensor - An opto-electronic sensor that detects printed lines, contrasts and the edge of the material.

Steering Rollers - The WR series of steering rollers webguide systems are used mainly in the pre-print zone to align the web before the printing process.

By clicking below you can download and read technical information about each Re-Spa product via the brochure supplied by the Italian manufacturer.

You can discuss web guiding systems with Marshward and get more information about the any of our Re-Spa products by calling us on (01926) 815480 or via email here: [email protected]