Corrugated Baord Sector


Since 1974 Re S.p.A. has been designing and manufacturing a range of equipment specifically for your corrugators in order to offer a guarantee of quality for the corrugated board production process: automatic webguiding systems, web tension controllers and reel braking and locking systems. When it comes to improving quality and increasing productivity by heightening production speeds and reducing rejects, we are your trusted partner.


  Calipar Brakes


Tensioning the cardboard correctly is essential when seeking to reduce wastes and avoid continuous downtimes during the production process and reel changeovers. COMBIFLEX HP pneumatic brakes and the innovative EXtreme brake also offer constant, precise braking and elevated, high-speed unwinding torques. Pneumatic brakes can be installed both on the unwinding station to control the tension of the reel and at the exit of the bridge.




Specifically designed for the production of corrugated board, the ReCorr webguiding system, installed at the exit of the bridge, guides the covers up to the final joining phase, thereby allowing you to reduce trimming thicknesses and save enormous quantities of card and money in exchange for superior quality and an efficient use of materials.




A good fixing to the reel core is the first step to improve the quality and to reduce wastes: the axial thrust mechanical core chucks with keysTM and the ROTOGRIP rotating core chucks, both available in mono and bi-diametrical versions, are the ideal solutions for reels of all weights and dimensions.