Disc Couplings

For disc couplings, we at Marshward provide a full range from two of the world’s leading manufacturers of couplings used in the power transmissions industry.

Comintec - Italian component manufacturer who specialise in couplings as well as torque limiters, pneumatic clutches, and many other components – all for mechanic transmissions

Esco Coupling –Belgium manufacturer who have 50 years of experience of making industrial flexible gear and disc type coupling used in applications across the world

A disc coupling transmits torque in rotating equipment from a driving to a driven bolt. The torque is transmitted through a series of discs assembled in a pack.

So to see the ranges of disc couplings we supply from Esco or Comintec, scroll below and click on either company’s logo. You can also read more about the technical features of each disc coupling in their range.

For any questions about the disc couplings, or any other component on the Marshward website, we’ll be more than happy to offer you advice.

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Disc Couplings Products