Worm boxes

Marshward a full range of world-class worm boxes, gear units and worm geared motors.

The companies from who we source our mechanical transmission components are world leaders of industry. You can see the quality in the way each product has been engineered. These manufacturers are:

ATEK - Based in Germany, they make gearboxes used in industrial applications/power transmission equipment – particularly the S, SL, and SLM range of that give high-power capacity of transmission with low dimensions

Chiaravalli - Based Italy, they make all kinds of mechanical transmission parts including worm geared motors, gear units, and worm gearboxes with a torque limiter

Varvel – also based in Italy, they are a manufacturer of worm speed reducers in power transmission equipment

All the worm boxes come in various sizes and are manufactured in various combinations.

To view and read more about the technical features of Marshward’s comprehensive range of worm boxes/worm speed reducers we supply, place your cursor over each logo below and click on each image.

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