Quick Release Valves

Buy quick release valves made by the industry-renowned Eaton-Airflex, who have been designing innovative technology for industry for over 40 years.

The Airflex QRV is a pneumatic three-way valve that automatically closes upon an increase in pressure and opens when the pressure drops in your manufacturing supply line.

This QVR has an exhaust port near to the pressure chamber and helps reduce lag time, increase cyclic rates, reduce or cut overlap, and slow the wear and tear of your drive components.

Overall, the innovations made by Eaton-Airflex are designed to reduce your manufacturing costs.

You can read more about the technical qualities and benefits of the QVR's we supply at Marshward by clicking the image below.

If you have any questions though about our Eaton-Airflex quick release valves, we’re always happy to offer product advice.

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