Marshward carefully source components used in transition systems for all types of industrial applications. We look to long-established manufacturers who provide high-performance components and one of those is Re-Spa – the Italian company who’ve been making equipment used in all kinds of applications since 1974. They’re world leaders in making expanding shafts and pneumatic chucks.

Re-Spa's reel centring/converting components we supply are:

Expanding Shafts

Axial Shifting Safety Chucks

Foot and Flange Safety Chucks

Strip and Rubber Core Adaptors

You can read more about the technical details for the above products by clicking below. You can also download a Re-Spa published brochure that gives you dimensions and all other aspects of their high-precision safety chucks.

For any questions about the above products or anything we supply online, for Marshward will be happy to help.

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Pneumatic Products