Guardian is the new video inspection system for 100% print inspection in narrow web processes and label industry.
Equipped with high resolution matrix cameras, 5Mpixel, Guardian is able to control and precisely recognize all the print defects regardless what kind of material, its width, the machine speed or the appearance of the web. Thanks to the technology of the system, the final customer will always receive a perfect material with zero defects to guarantee his success.

Guardian is equipped with many basic and advanced functions, when installed it will guarantee perfect control of printing in all working conditions; moreover, depending on the application, the system can inspect materials up to 450mm width and up to 350 m/min of speed.

Easy installation, user-friendly, intuitive graphic interface and remote support make Guardian a very easy to use system; with easy touch screen the operator will be able to manage all the functions of the system and emit an accurate documented product quality inspection report.

  • 5Mpixel matrix cameras
  • Material inspection up to 450mm width and 350 m/min speed
  • Very easy to use and install
  • Many basic and advanced functions
  • Final inspection report
  • Interface with all slitter inspection rewinder
  • Remote support