Microprocessor Control Units

All webguiding systems are managed by a microprocessor control unit for analizyng data coming from sensors and for regulating the actuator and all the required functions.

Re control units, in combination with the electromechanic devices and sensors, has been studied to guarantee a reliable and efficient guide of a moving web.

To satisfy the requirements of all our customers, we have designed two different kinds of webguiding systems:

*Resmart technology

The NEW Resmart webguide system is made up of the MWG10 regulator which integrates the control logic and the power driver for motors in a single and very compact case.

*Relink technology

Relink is the all in one webguide system developed by Re, in which the power driver is fitted directly to the framework of the mechanical device and it's separated from the control logic.

It enables to control at the same time up to 10 web guides with a single remote controller.

Microprocessor Control Units Products