Marshward supply a comprehensive range of mechanical/friction torque limiters from two of the world’s most reputable manufacturers for the industrial power transmission applications – the American company MACH III and the Italians MWM Freni Frizioni.

Both manufacturers have been providing industry with components for decades.

A torque limiting coupling protects and, if needed, ceases transmission when there are unintentional stops or an overload that can potentially create a malfunction and damage to your transmission.

Easy to adjust manually, the Mach III friction torque limiters transmit a set quantity of torque from one machine part to another until a surplus load is experienced. When the torque’s exceeded, the mechanical friction torque limiter slips until the overload ceases.

The torque limiters from MWM Freni Frizioni can be mechanically adjusted and depending on which model, they are for dry and oil bath applications.

You can take a closer look and read more about the technical features of each the mechanical friction torque limiters mentioned above – simply click below where you see the product images from both MACH III and MWM Freni Frizioni.

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