View our range of inline helical gear units by clicking on the logos or product images below. Marshward stock inline helical reducers made by highly-reputable manufacturers of power transmissions parts that are used over the world.

The company’s from who we supply our inline helical reducers are:

Varvel – Italian manufacturer of speed reducers and variators for industry applications who make the RD and XA Series of inline helical gear units

Chiaravalli – Also based in Italy, they make a wide range of mechanical transmission parts including their CHC helical gear units

Both manufacturers have been supplying the world’s industrial applications since the 1950’s and have reputations for providing innovative and high-quality technology and components.

You can read more about the technical features of our range of inline helical gear units by clicking the product pictures below. There you can view the products and download a manufacturer’s brochure that will offer you the various sizes and dimensions of each gear unit.

For any questions about the products you see on our website, Marshward will be happy to advise you.

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Inline/Helical Products