View below the comprehensive range of electromagnetic toothed clutches that Marshward supply from MWM Freni Frizioni.

They are a top Italian manufacturer of brakes, friction clutches, toothed clutches, torque limiting couplings and one-piece assemblies with electromagnetic controls.

Like all our components we supply, the electromagnetic toothed clutches you can see below are sourced by us with a focus on high-quality and industry reputation. MWM Freni Frizioni meet our aims and will hopefully meet your requirements.

Controlled hydraulically, pneumatically, (both of which are supplied by Marshward) as well as electromagnetically, a toothed clutch connects two kinematic systems that are rotating simultaneously or at a different speed, which depends on the toothing type – either triangular, trapezoidal, saw toothing.

Browse below to view both positive and negative toothed clutches that are all made my MWM Freni Frizioni. Each page has a data-sheet that you can read to get more technical features for each electromagnetic toothed clutch.

Should you have any questions about our MWM Freni Frizioni electromagnetic toothed clutches not answered on the Marshward website, please give us a ring on (01926) 815480 or via email here: [email protected]

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