Marshward provide a full range of jaw couplings from two of the world’s leading manufacturers of couplings used in the power transmissions industry.

A jaw coupling - by connecting two shafts - is designed to transmit torque while lessening the system vibrations and helps protect other parts from damage. Made of two hubs and an insert called an element, the three parts fit together with a jaw from each hub fitted alternately with the lobes of the element. To maintain the no backlash fit, the jaws in each hub reduce deformation of the element.

The two manufacturers from who Marshward supply jaw couplings are:

Comintec – An Italian manufacturer of different styles of couplings as well as torque limiters, pneumatic clutches, and many other components – all for mechanic transmissions

Esco Coupling –A Belgium manufacturer who with 50 years of experience make industrial couplings used in applications the world over

So to see the ranges of jaw couplings Marshward supply online from Esco or Comintec, click on the images below where you can also read more about the technical features of each jaw coupling in their high-performance ranges.

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