WCSB - Airflex Brakes

Here is the Airflex WCSB tension control brake supplied by Marshward. It's a multiple disc brake designed for heavy-duty brake/tensioning applications and uses air-applied and water/air-cooled functions similar to the WCB line - except the WCSB gives you greater control over braking/tensioning.

The typical applications for the WCSB are draw-works, mooring systems, and log yarders, while its element features dynamic tensioning and static holding. Also, its one brake system, removing the need of multiple brakes, offers you emergency stopping.

The WCB tension control brake uses an innovative friction material that works with the copper alloy surface to stop the sticky and slippery characteristics you get with ordinary friction components.

Other design features of the WCSB from Eaton Airflex include:

  • Torque Capacities up to 5,058,625 lb·in, 571.119 N·m
  • Thermal Capacities that reach 3,900 HP, 2.908 kW
  • Standard sizes are - 224WCSB, 324WCSB, 424WCSB, 236WCSB, 336WCSB, 436WCSB, 248WCSB, 348WCSB, 448WCSB

For more in-depth technical information about this product, click the Airflex-published Download Brochure below.

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