VE Airflex Elements

It's made in a limited number of sizes and also comes with the same features as Type E that you can view by clicking here - Airflex E Elements

The features are the include it being ideal for moderate to heavy duty clutch and brake services. It's suited for cyclic applications of a medium-speed that are subject to high thermal loads. And it gives you an excellent slip clutch and tension brake service when used with an air agitating ventilated drum.

Typical applications in which the Airflex VE element is used include construction equipment, marine winches, metal-working machinery, slip-clutches, and tension braking systems.

The torque capacities go up to 221,000 lb·in, 24.950 N·m.

Its standard sizes are 19VE475, 24VE475, and 27VE475.

You can read more technical details about the VE clutch/brake element by clicking the Eaton Airflex published brochure below.

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