Re-Spa US.3 Ultrasonic Sensor

The US.3 sensor is one of a comprehensive range of Re-Spa products online from the UK-based Marshward that you can view by scrolling below. You can also read about the US.3 from Re-Spa, which is an ultrasonic sensor for closed loop tension control systems and supplied online by the UK-based Marshward Ltd.

The US.3 sensor works by sending an ultrasonic impulse to the reel that captures the signal and is there reflected by the material, thereby calculating the distance from your material. To control the motor or brake it sends an analogue signal that regulates the web tension. The US.3 is equipped with a user-friendly interface with an LED bar and two keys that simplifies the calibration.

This Re-Spa product is the perfect solution for bag machines, sheeters, slitters, and plastic film and paper rewinders.

Read about the technical features of the US.3 ultrasonic sensor for closed loop tension control - simply click the Re-Spa Download Brochure below.

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