Torque Limiter Mechanisms with Couplings

Read below about the torque limiter mechanisms with couplings made by MACH III and supplied online from the UK-based Marshward Ltd.

MACH III's torque limiter mechanisms with couplings is mechanically adjustable. In the event of an overload, the friction torque limiter slips. The torque at which limiter will slip can be changed/adjusted by loosening or tightening a simple nut that once you've set your desired torque setting the nut is locked into position by screws.

The torque limiter mechanism is connected to one shaft while the coupling hub is connected to a second supported shaft, which are connected via the supplied set screws and a key. Each shaft have to be aligned accurately in order to prevent a premature failure of the torque limiter.

PLEASE NOTE - The torque limiter doesn't support a coupling

Torque limiter mechanisms with couplings  can be used for Momentary overload protection.

But in continuous slip or tension control applications, torque limiters are not recommended. Instead, you should use a SensiFlex® clutch or brake.

The maximum RPM of this torque limiter varies by model. For further details please click the Download Brochure below where you will find detail sheets. If your intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM please consult an engineer.

A great benefit of this MACH III products is that no reset is needed after the torque limiter slips. Both the torque limiter and its coupling are bored to suit up to the maximum shown (in US and Metric sizes) that will accept varied sizes of shaft.

You can find out more about this product from Marshward. So please call the UK-based office on +44 (01926) 815480 or email: [email protected]

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