Torque Limiter Mechanisms with Adapters

Here is the torque limiter mechanisms with adapters made by MACH III that is part of the comprehensive range of MACH III products supplied here online by Marshward Ltd.

The MACH III torque limiter mechanisms with adapters that are mechanically adjustable  and when the main application overloads the  torque limiter slips. You can adjust the torque setting at which the limiter slips simply by tightening or loosening a specific nut that is locked into place by set screws when your required torque amount is established.

It can be mounted via through/mid-shaft or end of shaft. The torque limiter slides on the shaft while being fixed with set screws and customer supplied key. The adapter itself connects to a gear, or sprocket, or a fully supported bearing-mounted pulley,

The applications for which the MACH III torque limiter mechanisms with adapters are used for include momentary overload protection.  

For continuous slip or tension-control applications, you should use a SensiFlex® clutch or brake - which you can view by scrolling to the MACH III products panel below.

The maximum RPM varies by model. For such technical details, please click the DOWNLOAD BROCHURE below and/or consult an engineer if your intended application goes over the listed maximum RPM.

A great design feature of this MACH III torque limiter mechanism is that no reset is required. It's bored to suit up to the maximum shown (US and Metric sizes) for an easy installation. The machined face and bolt circle on the adapter enable a connection to a bearing-mounted pulley or gear.

For more information, as well as consulting the brochure below, you can call the Marshward team on +44 (01926) 815480 or contact via email here: [email protected]

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