Through Shaft Pilot Mount Clutches Bronze Bushing Pilot

Bronze Bushing Pilot:

  • Friction clutch engages with air pressure, spring released when air is exhausted
  • Torque is linear in response to air pressure applied


  • Through/Mid Shaft or End of Shaft
  • Clutch slides on shaft and is fixed with set screws and a customer supplied key
  • Anti-rotation arm required to prevent rotation of the air housing
  • Designed for horizontal mounting. If vertical mounting is required, consult engineering for options


Connect, Disconnect, Cycling
Limited to speeds up to 200 RPM. See Ball Bearing Pilot models for high speed applications.

Design Features:

  • Bored to suit up to the maximum shown (US & Metric) for easy installation
  • Available with either high or low* coefficient friction linings for same price
  • Machined pilot for easy mounting of pulley sprocket

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