The range of sensors for web guiding systems, available for edge reading only, includes:

  • SU ultrasonic sensors, for reading the edge of materials such as paper, cardboard and coloured or transparent film
  • SIR infrared sensors, for reading the edge of fabrics and phono-absorbent or close-weave materials.

The size and connection of all models is identical, so they are totally interchangeable on the web guide, depending on the needs of the application.

If two sensors are used simultaneously the centre guide can also be selected from the remote control unit.

Special versions are available:

  •  ultrasonic sensors with centesimal reading
  •  ultrasonic sensors for noisy environments
  •  infrared sensors with pneumatic attachment to clean the reading zone from machining residue, AIR version.
  •  ultrasonic and infrared micro sensors, usually used on small size web guide systems (SU-M.25 and SIR-M.25)

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