Here is the the SU ultrasonic sensor for web guiding systems, which includes an SIR infrared sensor. Made by Re-Spa and supplied by Marshward, the SU web guiding sensor is available for solely edge reading.

The SU ultrasonic sensor is for reading the edge of paper and materials such as cardboard and coloured/clear film. The SIR reads the edge of fabrics and materials.

Used with Re-Spa's MWG.61 driver, each sensor is interchangeable but it depends on the requirements of your application. If you use two sensors at the same time you can use the remote control unit to select the centre guide.

Both the SU ultrasonic and the SIR infrared sensor can be applied in an AIR version, whereby they're fitted with a pneumatic attachment that will clean the reading area of residues created in the production process. Each sensor also comes in an AIR version.

Each sensor is also provided with a manual sensor holder that you can mount on a 25 x 25mm square bar.

While being designed to be used with the WG.251-SKB web guide, this version is a lot more compact and, offering advanced levels of IP (IP54) protection, it's perfect for using in environments where liquids or high levels of dust are present.

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