SensiFlex® Tension Control Clutches Foot Mount

Friction clutch engages with air pressure and is designed for continous slip
Clutch is spring released when air is exhausted
Torque is linear in response to air pressure applied
Foot brackets attach to machine frame or other fixture
Pulleys or sprockets mount to the clutch's input and output shafts
Designed for horizontal or vertical mounting
Heat Dissipation

SensiFlex® Design Features
SensiFlex® is the smoothest, most controllable friction clutch for tension control in the market today. Click Here for design feature details.


  • For tension control applications requiring input and output shaft connections
  • Clutch drives output shaft when engaged
  • Input shaft and cooling sleeve rotate at the speed of the drive input
  • Maximum RPM varies by model. Please consult the detail sheets (below). Consult engineering if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.
  • Repair Parts:View PDF detail sheets below for more information

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