RK-ONE control unit

The RK-one remote control unit is an alternative to the RK.31 display if only the MWG.61 driver is used. Using the RK-one has numerous advantages:

>> Easy-to-read. The RK-one is fitted with a 4 digit display that can be easily read, even at a distance, as well as a bar graph that indicates the position of the actuator. A set of LEDs that indicate the status of the system is also included.

>> User-friendly. RK-one incorporates a basic set of functions which makes it quick and easy to use and calibrate.

>> Adaptable. Two versions are available, depending on the user’s requirements, one to be built-in and one to be fastened to the wall.

>> Interchangeable. The RK-one is connected to the MWG.61 driver via the RS485 serial cable. The two systems are perfectly interchangeable.

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