MWG10 regulator

The NEW Resmart webguide system is made up of the MWG10 regulator which integrates the control logic and the power driver for motors in a single and very compact case.

It's equipped with an OLED colour graphic display with high colour contrast which ensures a rapid and user-friendly human/machine interaction.

MWG10 features analogue inputs suitable for our sensors with analogue output and a CAN interface for the latest generation sensors and optical ones that we produce.

Thanks to these features and to the stepping motors fitted to all our mechanical devices, the Resmart webguide system can boast of:

>> High adjustment speed

>> High levels of thrust

>> Noiselessness

>> Low sampling time

Are also available some different MWG10 models for any kind of application:

>> MWG10-WO for cast plant, includes the oscillator mode in order to produce an uniform reel when the material is thicker at the edges

>> MWG10-WW for blow film extrusion, can read the web width between two sensors showing it on the display.

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