Shaft Locking Device | LM 40

Buy the LM shaft locking device made by Deller Brakes who have a comprehensive range of products available to purchase online from Marshward who are UK based.

The shaft locking device you can view (manufactured by the world renowned Dellner Brakes) is designed with a tapered pawl that is engaged into a machined slot on the outer peripheral of a brake disc or a shaft flange.

The LM shaft locking device is also equipped with proximity switches for ON/OFF detection.

They are fail safe and can be used to lock a shaft mechanically, allowing for a safe maintenance to be conducted for the whole shaft line arrangement.

Read much more technical information about the shaft locking device by Dellner Brakes - click the Download Brochure below or ask Marshward any questions by calling +44 (01926) 815480 or emailing: [email protected]

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