Heavy Duty Clutches | MACH III

Buy heavy duty clutches made by MACH III. The end of shaft-mount, high-torque clutches from MACH III are one of a comprehensive range of the manufacturers products supplied online by Marshward Ltd.

This friction-type clutch engages with air pressure and when the air is exhausted it is spring released. The torque is linear in response to when the air pressure is applied.

For mounting the high-torque and heavy-duty clutch slides on the shaft and is fixed with screws and a key that is supplied with the heavy duty clutch. No anti-rotation arm required. The clutches are designed for horizontal mounting but should a vertical mounting be required you can consult Marshward for your options.

The types of applications on which the heavy duty clutches made by MACH III are used include connect/disconnect applications, cycling applications and more.

MACH III's heavy-duty clutches are bored for easy installation and has splined drive and toothed friction discs that help with heavy duty service. It is available with either high or low friction linings for the same price. The enclosed design is ideal for dirty environments.

You can read much more technical information by clicking the Download Brochure below or ask Marshward any questions by calling +44 (01926) 815480 or emailing: [email protected]

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