Esco | Elastic Jaw Couplings | R & S

Here is elastic coupling, the Series R & S made by Esco and supplied online by Marshward Ltd.

Esco Couplings are a world class manufacturer of industrial gear couplings who are based in Belgium. Their website says: "We’re a world-leading industrial flexible gear and disc coupling manufacturer."

Technical features of the Series R & S elastic jaw couplings include:

Made from three components only.
Made from reinforced rubber.
Supplied with zamak hubs.
Its torque reaches up to 38 Nm
Bore from 6 to 42mm

You can read more about the dimensional details of the above by clicking the Download Brochure.

Or for other technical questions regarding the Series R & S elastic jaw couplings from Esco, Marshward welcome your call on +44 (01926) 815480 or send an email here: [email protected]

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