Airflex ER couplings are expanding units with neoprene facing. As such, they combine the advantages of a flexible and disconnect coupling. Engagement of the element should occur when there is no speed differential between driving and driven shaft.

  • ER elements are used as shaft couplings or holding brakes where engagement occurs at zero speed differential between element and drum.
  • The ER is ideal for applications in which a disconnect is required without stopping the prime mover or in which the driving and or driven equipment must be frequently withdrawn from the drive.
  • Torque Capacities* Up To: 118,000 lb·in, 13.300 N·m
  • Typical Applications: Centrifuges, core expanders, laundry machines, textile machines, tire building machines
  • Standard Sizes: 3ER125, 6ER200, 8ER250, 10ER300, 12ER350, 14ER400, 16ER475, 19ER475, 21.5ER475, 24ER475

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