Esco Disc Couplings | DPU

Here is DPU disc coupling made by Esco and supplied online by Marshward Ltd.

Esco Couplings are a world class manufacturer of industrial gear and disc couplings and are based in Belgium.

The Esco website says: "We’re a world-leading industrial flexible coupling manufacturer." And it is with Marshward you can view a range of couplings made by Esco by scrolling below.

Technical features of the DPU disc couplings include:

Multidisc pack with Sandwich flange concept
Anti-spark (optional)
API 610 Std, 671 (optional)
Torque that reaches up to 23.100 Nm
Bore: up to 220 mm

Read more about the dimensional details of the DPU disc couplings by clicking below on the Download Brochure.

Or for other technical questions regarding any gear or disc couplings from Esco you've seen here online today, Marshward welcome your call on +44 (01926) 815480 or send an email here: [email protected]

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