Caliper Brakes | DPA 200

Here is the DPA 200 pneumatic caliper brake made by Eaton Airflex and supplied online by Marshward who have a comprehensive range of Airflex products in the panel below.

The DPA 200 is designed with a symmetrical opposed piston caliper brake that is suited for most high energy and high torque stopping applications.

Being engineered for hydraulic actuation, the Airflex DPA 200 is a robust product that can withstand tough operating conditions of most industrial applications.

Design features of this caliper brake include:

2000 psi operating pressure range give high frictional force resulting in more torque

Large piston area.

Base or split mounting for flexibility of mounting and accommodation of different disc thicknesses or diameters to meet diverse customer requirements.

Guide pins transmit torque from friction shoes which prevents piston seal leakage that could result from misalignment between the friction shoe and disc.

Large friction area for long life and reduced maintenance due to friction material wear.

Automatic friction shoe wear adjustment with each engagement/

Solid or ventilated discs to improve performance and lining life.

You can read more technical and dimansional details about the DPA 200 pneumatic caliper brake made by Eaton Airflex by clicking Download Brochure below.

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