Dellner Disc Brakes | SKD 65

The Dellner Brakes SKD 65 model of disc brakes are part of the comprehensive range of disc brakes and other braking solutions that are available to buy online from the UK based Marshward.

The SKD 65 disc brakes have a braking force reaching up to 27300 N. They are air pressure applied or hydraulic, spring released units, whose braking force it achieves is directly proportional to the applied pressure.

The brakes in the SKD 65 are made of two symmetrical halves that accommodate a standard disc thickness of 12 mm. But to accommodate thicker brake discs, like all in SKD range, the brakes can be supplied with spacers.

Each brake half within the SKD 65 has two guide pins that transmit the braking force from the brake pad to the brake housing and mounting stand. As a result, the brake pistons are not subject to any radial forces which
contributes to longer brake life.

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