DC Clutches Brakes

The DC clutch-brake elements are one of a comprehensive range of Airflex products available to purchase online from Marshward Ltd.

Pictured to the left the DC clutch-brake elements are made in single and multiple disc designs. They offer a favorable torque-to-size ratio with low inertia friction disc assemblies - thus reducing the overall inertia that must be started or stopped.

A great bonus of the DC clutch-brake is that their being smaller than most other clutches and brakes of the same torque capacity. It also gives you the option for split friction disks which allow for removal of the friction disks without disturbing other components of the drive system in mid-shaft element arrangement.

Like other Airflex clutch-brake elements, the DC features a self-lubricating PolyPak seal that stops premature twisting failures and does not need lubricating externally.

To read about the dimensional, the torque capacities, and other technical features please consult the data sheet by clicking the Download Brochure below.

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