DBB Disc Brakes

Read below about the DBB disc brakes made by the world renowned Eaton-Airflex, which are part of the comprehensive range from the manufacturers that are supplied online by Marshward.

The DBB disc brakes are spring-applied and can be either air or hydraulically released. The torque capacities of the DBB disc brakes and their heat dissipation make them perfect for cyclic applications. Equal amounts of torque are created in both directions of rotation.

The DBB element has a low inertia friction disc assembly which reduces the overall inertia that must be stopped. It also features optional split friction discs, which allow you to remove the friction discs without disturbing other components of the drive system.

Other features of the Airflex DBB disc brakes include the self-lubricating and long-wearing PolyPak seals that eliminate premature twisting failure and don't need lubricating externally.

To read the dimensional and technical features of the DBB disc brakes please consult by clicking the Download Brochure below.

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