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Read below about the CTE pneumatic brakes manufactured by Eaton-Airflex and stocked here online by Marshward Ltd.

The Ohio-based Airflex, being one of the leading brands in the industrial brake and clutch and power transmissions market, have a full range of products stocked by Marshward that you can view by scrolling to the panel below.

Their drum-style CTE pneumatic brakes are spring-applied/air-released and develop greater torque than the Airflex Type CS Brake.

The design of the CTE pneumatic brakes are perfect for high-torque, moderate speed, and cyclic applications. The brake works bi-directionally and approximately develops the same torque in each direction of the drum rotation.

The static torque capacities reach up to 108,350 lb·in, 12.200 N·m. And the kinds of applications on which CTE pneumatic brakes are used include conveyors, drag lines, hoists, power shovels, and stamping presses. The standard sizes are 12CTE237, 18CTE300, 24CTE500.

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