Clutch Mechanisms with Adapters Regular Duty

Here is the heavy duty clutch mechanisms with adapters for regular duty made by MACH III whose wide range of friction clutches, brakes, and clutch-brake combinations, you can view by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

The heavy duty clutch mechanism of this Mach III product engages with air pressure and is spring released when the air is exhausted. The torque is linear in response to applied air pressure. Its splined drive and toothed friction discs are for heavy duty services.

Designed for horizontal mounting, this product is supplied with screws and a key that connects the heavy duty clutch mechanism to one shaft and the coupling hub to a second shaft. The shafts must be aligned accurately in order to prevent premature failure. While an anti-rotation arm is required in order to prevent rotation of the air-housing.

If you do require it to be vertically mounted is required, please consult your engineer. And please note heavy duty clutch mechanisms don't support coupling.

The MACH III heavy duty clutch mechanisms are suitable for such applications as cycling applications that connect and disconnect two fully supported shafts

The maximum RPM varies by model but also consult your engineer if the intended application exceeds the listed maximum RPM.

For more in-depth technical details read the MACH III brochure below. And please call Marshward on +44 (01926) 815480 or email here: [email protected] - we'll be happy to assist.

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