Clutch-Brake Couplings

Marshward supply electromagnetic clutch-brake couplings made by Dynacorp, who are part of Altra - the global supplier of high-quality power transmissions products used in an array of applications the world over.

Dynacorp are well know for their clutch and brake solutions and for offering a range of flange mounted clutch-brake couplings.

The electromagnetic clutch-brake couplings you can see to the right are stationary field designs that come with either a pin or spline drive and an inside or outside mount.

Please consult the table below for the technical details of the clutch-brake couplings. You can also click the Download Brochure below or speak to Marshward about any of the products you've seen here online today.

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Model Nominal
Style Static Torque Maximum HP
@ 1800 RPM
304 4" Spline Drive 264 in.-lbs. 1-1/2 PDF  [188k]
305 5" Pin Drive 684 in.-lbs. 3 PDF [228k]
308 8" Pin Drive 2100 in.-lbs. 10 PDF [168k]
310 10" Pin Drive 3600 in.-lbs. 15 PDF [276k]
Download the complete set of Clutch-Brake Coupling specifications: PDF [832k]

Download the printable PDFs for the clutch-brake couplings listed above for complete specifications, including drawings, dimensions, parts list, recommended controls and information for ordering.

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