Airflex | CBC Clutch Brakes

The Airflex CBC unit combines an air actuated disc clutch and spring-applied disc-brake into a compact package, which can be easily added to a new or existing flywheel drive. This pneumatic clutch-brake combination is designed primarily for high cyclic punch-press services, while the unit has been applied on a wide variety of high speed and high cyclic applications.

Features of the Airflex CBC unit include:

Clutch Capacities that go up to: 788,000 lb·in, 58.073 N·m

Brake Capacities that go up to: 372,000 lb·in, 42.029 N·m

Typical applications in which they're used are automatic punching machines, press brakes, the printing process, shears, stamping and forming presses, and woodworking machines

Packages: Complete CBC bearing mount flywheel hub packages are available upon request

The Airflex CBC unit also comes in standard Sizes: 25CBC, 30CBC, 35CBC, 40CBC, 45CBC, 50CBC, 55CBC, 60CBC, 66CBC

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