AT Actuators | Web Guiding Systems

Marshward supply the AT series of linear actuators from Re-Spa whose full range of products made by the Italian manufacturer you can purchase below.

Re-Spa's web guide systems are used across the world and are renowned for the way they solve the problems of edge, centre and line guides for all kinds of material within an industrial application. All their web guide systems work on similar operating principles whereby the sensor registers the position of the edge or the line of the material that’s to be guided.

The AT series of linear actuators are used in highly compact machines. To ensure that the material is wound round the reel in a straight line the actuator has unwind or rewind stations to guide the material into its correct position. The AT actuators are also equipped with a stepping motor that help the process to move quickly and precisely with the help of a screw set in a circle of ball bearings.

You adjust the actuators by using the new Relink system. And in line with market requirements, all the actuators can be powered with a 24V or 48V supply - this helps obtain a higher thrust force.

For applications needing a greater drive-force, the more robust MX linear actuator from Re-Spa is available.

You can read more about the AT series of linear actuators from Re-Spa by clicking the Download Brochure below. Or speak to Marshward about any of the products you've seen here online today by calling +44 (01926) 815480 or emailing: [email protected]

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