AMCB | Clutch Brake Combination

Read about the Airflex® AMCB AccuStop™ clutch/brake combination.

It's made of an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring-applied disc brake for high speed, high cycle punch presses, and small-to-medium tonnage. The AMCB AccuStop™ unit of the clutch/brake combination delivers high torque and low inertia in a compact design.

Manufactured from high performance materials to reduce maintenance time and maintain production, the features of the AMCB AccuStop™ unit include:

Its ductile iron cylinder offers a long cycle life under heavy industrial conditions.

The low inertia components reduce energy loss and improve cycle times that reduce friction material wear.

Its durable friction material means you get less downtime and save on maintenance and replacement costs.
Its stable stopping-angle lowers the need for press adjustments.
The friction shoes, which are bolted, allow for easy replacement without requiring disc removal.
One of the safety features are a visual signal at the end of friction material life that ensures the torque remains to stop the operation.
It offers a quiet operation via its self-lubricating composite bushings.
Eaton are ISO 9001 certified. While the design of the AMCB AccuStop™ conforms to all relevant portions of ANSI B11.1 standard for metal forming presses.

To read more about the technical and dimensional features of the Airflex® AMCB AccuStop™ clutch/brake combination please refer to the brochure below.

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