US.3 Ultrasonic Sensor

Here is the US.3 ultrasonic sensor for open loop tension control systems is made by Re Spa and supplied by Marshward Ltd. This is one of a full range of Re-Spa products online from the UK-based Marshward that you can view by scrolling below.

The US.3 is an ultrasonic sensor that controls web tension in open loop systems. The sensor emits an ultrasonic impulse toward the reel and captures the signal that's reflected by the material and so calculates the exact distance from the material.

This open loop tension control system gives an analogue signal that controls the motor or brake, which then regulates the web tension. The US.3's sensor comes also equipped with an easy structured interface that contains an LED bar and two keys, which helps simplify the calibration and makes it user-friendly.

Re-Spa say the US.3 is, "The ideal solution for sheeters, bag machines, and slitters rewinders for paper and plastic films . . ."

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