Taurus Digital Current Regulator

Here is the Taurus digital current regulator from Re-Spa that is available to purchase from UK-based Marshward.

It is a digital-current regulator that is microprocessor controlled and can be used for both closed and open loop.

In closed loop it is used with a tension controller (T-ONE, MW90 or PLC) that ensures the stability of web tension. In open loop regulation it is used with Sonar, Potentiometer or any other 0-10 VDC analogical input.

The Taurus is available in open versions. Or you can get a boxed with the Taurus BX. Both models are compact so both can be mounted on DIN guides.

Re-Spa's Taurus BX, with its user-interface placed on the short side, and with its long and narrow design, takes up the smallest amount of space when mounted on a panel.

To find out more about the technical details of the Taurus tension controller from Re-Spa please click the manufacturer's brochure below.

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