SC Series Wrap Spring Clutches

Spring Clutch Family:

SC series spring clutches are available in 3 styles:

OR Overrunning

SS Start/Coast

SR Single Revolution

Overrunning/one way (OR) – This clutch continually drives the load. The load is allowed to overrun the input, should its speed exceed input speed. In the reverse direction the unit acts as a one-way clutch.

Start/Coast (SS) – The start/coast clutch is engaged until the collar which contains the spring tang is stopped. Once it is stopped, the load is disengaged and coasts to a stop.

Single Revolution (SR) – Attaching one end of the spring to the output hub results in a single revolution clutch. The load is stopped through the spring to the collar. Precise non accumulative error single revolution cycling is achieved. Braking torque equals 10% of the maximum torque rating.


The SC family of clutches is designed to replace competitors' clutches. Special bore sizes and hub configurations are available upon request.

Standard Options

• Clutches can be supplied with hub or shaft inputs
• Multiple stop collars

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