Relink technology

Relink is the all in one webguide system developed by Re, in which the power driver is fitted directly to the framework of the mechanical device and it's separated from the control logic.
It enables to control at the same time up to 10 web guides with a single remote controller.
The Relink web guiding system is made up of:

RK-ONE control unit
The RK-one remote control unit is an alternative to the RK.31 display if only the MWG.61 driver is used. Using the RK-one has numerous advantages:

  •     Easy-to-read. The RK-one is fitted with a 4 digit display that can be easily read, even at a distance, as well as a bar graph that indicates the position of the actuator. A    set of LEDs that indicate the status of the system is also included.
  •     User-friendly. RK-one incorporates a basic set of functions which makes it quick and easy to use and calibrate.
  •     Adaptable. Two versions are available, depending on the user’s requirements, one to be built-in and one to be fastened to the wall.
  •     Interchangeable. The RK-one is connected to the MWG.61 driver via the RS485 serial cable. The two systems are perfectly interchangeable.

 RK.31 control unit
The many considerable advantages offered by the remote control unit RK.31 include:

  •     Compact. The remote control unit is very small, so it can be fitted anywhere on the system, as well as being attached to the DIN bar, or on any wall using the handy flange.
  •     Checks up to 10 web guides. It enables the parameters of each connected MWG.61 to be displayed and edited easily, thanks to the instructions supplied by the device itself.
  •     User-friendly interface. Pop-up messages give instructions in the calibration phase with a choice of languages for all the procedure guides.
  •     LCD Display.
  •     24V Power supply.

Driver MWG.61
The many considerable advantages offered by the driver MWG.61 include:

  •     Minimum size the motor driver, included in a very compact case, can be fitted directly to the framework of the web guide.
  •     Reduced disturbance by eliminating cable connecting the driver to the motor and reducing the length of cables between the sensors and the adjuster
  •     Self-configuration: the system is configured automatically when it is turned on. The MWG.61 can establish which elements make up the system, which and how many sensors are connected, if an automatic sensor holder bar is present and the type of system configuration.

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