PEGASO is the new pneumatic brake ideal for the textile sector and for those with mobile unwinder carriages.
It is a solution created to precisely and efficiently control the tension of the fabric as it is unwound, but taking into account the costs necessary to fit each carriage with a single brake.
PEGASO is quickly and easily applied to the carriage during the unwinding phase and after use it can be removed and applied to another carriage ready for unwinding, or placed on the ground.

PEGASO has 2 pneumatic calipers, model CX, specially adapted for a structure which supports a cast iron disk, 12.5 mm thick and with a 300mm diameter.
Two large handles make it easy to handle and apply. It also has an eyebolt so that it can be supported using a hoist if necessary.

PEGASO is applied on a splined shaft using a standard bushing, but we can adapt the hub of the cast iron disk to your requirements. The bushing has a safety device to stop the brake from coming off accidentally.

A pressure gauge and a manual pressure regulator allow easy control during unwinding. The operator can effortlessly reduce and set the correct pressure for torque control. The maximum torque reached at 6 bar is 380Nm, with 1.1 kW of power dissipation.

Also available in a version with a disk guard.

  • Light
  • Compact
  • Easy to handle
  • Selectable calipers

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