TM A/TM B - Mechanical Chucks

Read below about the mechanical chucks that are the TM axial thrust range made by Re-Spa and part of the full range of the Italian manufacturers products you can buy here online from the UK-based Marshward Ltd.

The TM range of axial thrust mechanical chucks comes supplied with keys that will provide you with a great quality-to-price ratio for such applications as clamping reels for materials such as cardboard and more.

The TM/A single diameter version of mechanical chucks are available with internal diameters for reels that are sized from 3” to 12”.

The TM/B double diameter version comes with internal diameters for reels sized 3”-4” and 3”-6” besides numerous other combinations.

The TM/A is also available with a flange for the ejection of the core, or available bored for use with photocells.

You can read more in-depth technical details about the TM range of mechanical chucks from Re-Spa by clicking the Download Brochure below.

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