Genuine Eaton–Airflex Industrial Clutch Parts & Industrial Brake Parts

Eaton-Airflex ‘genuine’ Industrial Clutch Parts & Industrial Brake Parts are designed and manufactured to meet the highest of standards ensuring best performance for pneumatic Industrial Clutch Parts or Industrial Brake parts. When manufactured Eatonproudly mold the Airflex®name into the back of the friction block.

The part number will also be rubber stamped on the friction block. Additional features can include a paint stripe on the edge of the block and notches molded into the edge to help identify. See photos for some examples.

Spurious replacements can be found in the market, apparently similar to the original ones, performance is very low which can cause premature or even permanent damage to the whole system. There are no guarantees using non original parts. Eaton-Airflex original Industrial Clutch Parts&Industrial Brake Parts will continue to guarantee a longer life.

‘False economy’ is an action that saves money at the beginning but which, over a longer period of time, results in more money being spent or wasted than being saved.

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