EFP Disc Brakes

Here are the EFP Disc Brakes manufactured by Dellner Brakes and supplied online by Marshward.

The EFP disc brakes are a spring applied, manual released disc brake that is an electric activated and offer you a reliable and safe braking solution in a rotation or linear movement.

The disc brakes are single-acting and self-aligning, meaning they're highly suited for industrial applications with axial movements and a limited installation space.

The EFP disc brakes unit is placed on a support and made of one active side and one passive. The active side has two spring packs, while the passive has one sliding unit. When braking is requested the sliding unit is dropped by de-energising the solenoid.

The unit slides downwards, aligning the EFP disc brake and compressing the spring packs - dependent on your requested brake torque. The sliding unit design offers an instant applied brake force that raises progressively until it reaches its maximum amount.

The EFP disc brakes are made in four sizes that all are delivered with on/off proximity switches and 230 V AC of solenoid voltage.

You can read more about the technical details of the EFP Disc Brakes by clicking the Dowload Brochure below.

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