Dual Passage Rotorseal

Dual passage rotorseals allow the transfer of media thru two separate shaft passages located on the same shaft end. Each passage can be used for a different medium; for instance, air for clutch actuation and oil for bearing lubrication. Inlet and outlet ports have American National Pipe Threads. Airflex has five (5) dual passage rotorseal product lines.


Type AD

  • The AD features a 1/4"-18 inlet port for each of the passages.
  • Both passage outlets can discharge directly into the shaft end.
  • An optional 1/4"-18 outlet port in the mounting flange could be used for the outer passage.
  • The inner passage nose is sealed on its outside diameter by a pair of "O" rings.
  • The outer passage is sealed to the shaft end with a compression grommet.

Type ADP

  • The Type ADP rotorseal attaches to the shaft end with a 1"-11 1/2 thread outlet instead of a mounting flange.
  • The outer passage outlet feeds into the end of the machine shaft.
  • The inner passage is a 1/4"-18 port located on a flat of the hex mounting nut.

Type BD

  • The BD is similar to the AD, except for a larger diameter mounting flange.
  • The inner passage is sealed with a a flat rubber washer which compresses on the bottom of a counterbore in the shaft end.
  • A compression grommet is used between the shaft end and mounting flange to seal the outer passage.

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