Dellner Disc Brakes | SKP 65 SA

Here's the single-acting hydraulic disc brake, the SKP 65 SA manufactured by Dellner Brakes and supplied online by Marshward.

The Dellner Brakes Single Acting model SKP65-SA is a caliper disc brake that's spring applied and hydraulic, braking in a linear or rotary motion.
Made with internal parts from the Dellner Double Acting brake technology, the SKP is a self aligning Single Acting brake and is suitable for industrial applications with axial movements - or with applications requiring less space for installation.

It's made of one cylinder halve and contains a low friction sliding system - enabling self alignment.

With its spring retraction system, when the brake cylinder is released with hydraulic pressure, it offers full brake release and pad retraction from the brake disc.

Cylindrical guide pins direct the tangential force from the brake lining to the brake housing and support. This means radial forces on the brake piston are minimized - giving a longer brake life, saving you money.

The brake piston extending through to the adjustment nut offers you a visual indication when any adjustment is needed.

The brakes of the SKP 65 SA can be supplied with proximity switches that indicate signs such as brake ON/OFF, PAD WEAR and/or NEED OF ADJUSTMENT. The Swedish manufacturer, Dellner Brakes, also offer different friction and seal materials to fit any of your demands.

To read more about the technical and dimensional details of the SKP 65 SA disc brakes please consult the Dellner Brakes brochure by clicking below.

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