Dellner Disc Brakes | EMP 95

Dellner disc brakes, the EMP 95 electro-mechanical and spring applied are supplied online by Marshward Ltd as one of the comprehensive range of brakes from the renowned Swedish manufacturer.

The EMP 95 model of disc brakes are electrically released and give you a reliable and safe way to brake in a rotary or linear motion. The durable brake is compact and of a very light weight, while also being suitable for outdoor and dusty/dirty environments.

With a braking force of 10700 N - 33500 N, this is a disc brake that's designed for a brake disc thickness of 12 - 25 mm. When power is applied, the spring built into the brake retracts the brake-pads from the disc.

In order to maintain full braking torque, the disc brake should be adjusted when the air gap value (that you can read of in the below data-sheet) is exceeded.

Suitable when limited space on one side of the application is necessary, the EMP 95 model of disc brakes are commonly used in conveyors, windmill, cranes, winches and parking applications.

For full technical, dimensional, and torque data about Dellner's EMP 95 disc brakes, please click the Download Brochure below.

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